Bloke Heaven: 'The Shed'

I had been dreaming of building a wooden cabin for the last half century - the classic bloke fantasy. And here it is.


Why's it called The Shed? Because the name sort of stuck, even though it's actually rather posh.


What's it like to be in? Absolutely wonderful, summer and winter.


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Who I am John Hutchinson, freelance PR wallah and journalist. (click to email me).

Where it is

Bodelwyddan, North Wales, UK - across a stream in an oak wood at the end of our garden.

How it was made

Frame: Welsh green oak, traditionally dowelled - should last a few hundred years.

Exterior walls & floors: larch

Interior walls: rough plastered.

Roof: cedar shingles, lined with pine matchboard.

Insulation (all round): 50mm expanded foam.

Doors & windows: oak, double glazed.

Who made it

Ron Smith, Oakwright - 01745 890493 (and students on one of his excellent traditional building courses).

Adrian Fairey, Timber Specialist - 01745 833742 (with help from James).

Mark Siddelman (Sid) & Jon Brown, Builders - 01745 720483

Andy Roberts, Manufacturing Joiner


Villager Puffin multifuel stove - a little gem.


Good stereo, DAB radio, iPod.

Two home-made beds.

Banned items include TVs, mobile phones, laptops and all work related paraphernalia.

How much it cost

About 10,000 fully fitted - blimey, you could buy a plastic caravan for that!

Best wishes to all fellow shed owners and dreamers!