Manchester University’s Venture Further programme is inspiring stuff – encouraging students to use their creativity to set up new businesses.

BCA Films Associate has been filming the contestants and finalists for the last couple of years. Take a look at:


2009 WINNER:

Mocha’s latest music promo for Manchester band ‘I Am Kloot’ was the Exclusive Video on last Friday (04.06.10) and is now on general release via the web and various music television channels.

YouTube Link –

The Liverpool production company were commissioned to write, produce and direct the promo for ‘Northern Skies’ – the first single release from I Am Kloot’s forthcoming album ‘Sky At Night’ produced by Elbow’s Guy Garvey. The album is due for release on July 5th.

The promo for ‘Northern Skies’ stars actor Christopher Eccleston and was shot over three days on the north coast of Wales, Anglesey, South Stack at Holyhead and Manchester. The promo is Mocha’s second collaboration with the band following ‘Over My Shoulder’ in 2005 –

I will admit that I was a little sceptical about speed networking, but last night changed my mind.
The event at Ruthin Castle was organised by Sell2Wales and turned out to be both highly interesting and potentially valuable.
More than 60 companies turned up, of whom I met 30 in a flurry of two minute conversations and business card swaps.
Definitely worth going and strongly recommended to fellow doubters.

Location filming with Mocha TV

OK, so we have re-invented Business Communications Associates for the new digital era. But why a different brand for BCA Films?

The short answer is in our strapline: ‘multimedia for business’. That’s what we do, as written on the tin.

The longer answer is that when I did some market research into multimedia companies serving the North West and North Wales in particular, I found a pretty mixed bag. Some people with a camera and an editing suite. Lots who  ’specialise in everything’, including weddings (rather them than me). A few who are into cutting edge visuals, or sport or training vids. But almost nobody who could claim to deliver professional multimedia, specifically for the needs of business.

So we put together BCA Films as a team of independent specialists, just to do movies and animations for businesses. And sorry, we don’t do weddings.

Welcome to the new BCA and BCA Films websites. There’s plenty of info about who we are and what we do on the sites. But how did BCA start and why?

The original Business Communications Associates was set up in 1980 by me (John Hutchinson), fellow freelance PR Mike Moss and photographer Don Williams. The idea was pretty simple: an association of specialist small companies who would remain independent, but would work together as a team whenever the need arose. It’s been working a treat for three decades now, with BCA winning clients of the calibre of Shell and ICI.

But Don’s retired and Mike has moved to Corsham, near Bath (01249 715714/07778 378727, , where he is happily writing away on his own. So the time came to create a new BCA to provide services for clients in our traditional territories of North West England and North Wales.

The original BCA started in the era of words, photographs and print (when was the last time YOU produced a printed corporate brochure?). Now the web rules – and Web 2.0 is developing faster than I can type this. Which, in case you have been holidaying on Ursa Minor for the last couple of years, means new social media, multimedia and interactivity.

People read less, watch more. They respond to shorter messages, film, animation and cracking design. So that’s how we have built the new BCA team: with a bunch of web specialists, film-makers and designers. Oh, and people who really understand branding, marketing and PR.

So here’s the new BCA. Same idea., fresh line-up.